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Ancient and cosmopolitan Malaga in the past still retains its historic roots intact. In long-gone times it bore witness to the origins of man and of the Mediterranean culture, and is today the primary force in the Andalusian tourist industry, keeping alive its tradition of a welcoming and creative land.

Maritime Malaga on the coast where winter never comes; and with a mountain vocation inland, where nature is displayed in all its splendour. White villages with their attractive architecture, wrapped in romantic legend, bring points of light into secluded valleys where life goes by peacefully. And from the peaks of the mountains you can watch the horizon until it becomes lost in the immense blue of the sea.
Credit: Malaga - History, Landscape and Gastronomy

Malaga is a magnificent city to visit, it used to be quite run down, but over the past 10 years has seen a massive reform. Awash with lively bars and restaurants, busy shopping streets and malls. The Historic center and been revitalised with street art and with many of the old run down buildings traditionally reformed.
The port area has been transformed and landscaped from the old docklands to a resource for visiting cruise ships. The beaches of Malaga are within walking distance of the port.
There are numerous Monuments, Museums, Art Galleries to be visited in Malaga City. There are also other attractions such as the Camino del Rey, Trips to Morocco, Granada, Ronda etc; etc; ..... Andalucia!
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Clarinda Parques S.L.
Valle del Genal, Serranía de Ronda, Málaga, Andalucía, España.